Are you a Sheep or a Goat?

Why am I providing you all this information and data?  It is because I know that you need all this information and even more to allow you to properly care for yourself and then others, if you desire.  

You can go through life as a sheep, or a goat.  The sheep could care less about life.  The sheep expects the sheep herder to take care of him even if it ends in his demise at the slaughter house.  You might conclude that the sheep is more democratic than rebellious.   The goat is more independent.  While the sheep is content to live within the fences of his existence, the goat may well jump the fence, and go his merry way.  Our forefathers were cut from this mode of thinking.

I guess that I am a goat, because I do not like to be contained or controlled to the point that I am expected to behave and perform to someone else’s expectations.  That is why I object to the medical monopoly and their concept of what constitutes proper “scientific” medicine.  I also prefer “healing” to taking poisons and proclaiming “cures”.

The knowledge of digestion, how it proceeds, what is required and necessary to allow digestion to go on is crucial to you in order to understand why and how dis-ease, indigestion, autointoxication, and even cancer occurs.

The most basic of these concepts is pH.  As the food that you eat progresses through your digestive system, the necessary enzymes are either activated or turned off by the pH. So too are the billions of bacteria in your digestive system that are so needed to break down your food and keep you healthy.  These beneficial bacteria are your friends, not your enemy to be poisoned with antibiotics.

So what are the pH changes that occur and what actions do they control?  The mouth must be alkaline to begin to digest the carbohydrate portion of the food, and make the stomach alkaline for carb digestion to go to completion  The stomach then goes acidic to end carb digestion and begin protein digestion.  Very little fat digestion occurs in the stomach, in fact, fat actually hinders stomach action.

The stomach empties its acidic contents into the small intestine.  This “chyme”, as it is called, must be immediately made alkaline to end the action of the stomach enzymes or ulcers can develop. Rapidly changing the pH is the job of the liver and gall bladder.  Now, the pancreatic enzymes are added.  These enzymes complete the digestive needs.  The carbohydrates will be reduced to simple sugars, the protein will be reduced to the individual amino acids, and the fats reduced to glycerol and the free fatty acids.  All these items will then be absorbed only to be remade into our tissues.  The sugars will be used to make our carbs and become our primary energy source.  The amino acids will be made into our protein and muscles.  The fats will be made into fats once again.  All this is necessary for our body to maintain its purity, its individual nature, and its identity.

Following this, the small intestine will dump its contents into the colon, or large intestine.  The colon is around six feet long and is divided into the ascending, the transverse, the descending, and finally the “S” shaped or sigmoid colon. The colon finishes the job of absorbing the nutrients in the food.  In addition, the colon acts as a recycler to resorb materials for reuse.  

The pH of the healthy colon is slightly acidic.  The alkaline colon promotes and contributes to quite a number of dis-eases.  In addition, the stool will be very noxious, and poisonous.  Your nose will tell you the facts.  Included in the stool will be ammonia and all kinds of nitrogen containing organic heterocycles of all  types which are toxic, possibly carcinogenic, and very odorous.  This occurs mainly from the overeating of meat.  All that meat that we eat and cannot digest or absorb, can eventually turn around and bite us in the butt.

This is why I always recommend the eating of meat be regulated and controlled and the pH of the stool be monitored.  Yes, we can eat meat, but we must be prudent in the type of meat chosen, the method of preparation, and the quantity of meat eaten at any one time.  The overeating of meat can lead to “proteinosis” or poisoning from eating too much meat.  This can be passed off as food poisoning and can be fatal.  I nearly lost a daughter to this condition.  Fortunately, she was able to vomit the putrid, rotting mess out of her stomach.  

So, now you know more about pH, digestion, and health than you knew before.  I do hope that you will use this newfound knowledge for your benefit and the benefit of others. Once again, our goal at the CHLC is to provide you with useful, truthful, health and dis-ease information.

I am encouraging you to not be a “sheeple”.  A sheeple is a human, innocent as a lamb, and just as easily fleeced of their money, their health, and their freedom.  Don’t be a sheeple!

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May you live long, prosper, and enjoy great health.

Dr. C