Blue pill or Red pill?

As I move along in life, I continually ask myself what can I say or do to help, encourage, and influence my fellow humans to live a better life, a less disease prone life, and even make the effort that it takes to restore health? The Orthopathic statement that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” was true 100’s of years ago and is still true today.

I think the best comparison that I can make may come from the “Matrix” movies. I am offering you a choice. You may choose the “blue” pill or the “red” pill.

If you choose the blue pill, life will go on as you now know it. You will eat, drink, and party to your heart’s content. When disease comes you will go to the gods of medicine (MDs) for relief of your symptoms, but keep your disease. You will never know that you are a sheeple, and the raw material for the disease industry. (A sheeple is a human, innocent as a lamb, and just as easily fleeced of their money, their health, their freedom, and their faith.”

If you choose the red pill, your awareness, your knowledge, and your ability to live a dis-ease free life will greatly expand. The operative word here is dis-ease. Your belief in disease will wane while your knowledge of dis-ease improves and expands. Dis-ease means that the body, your body is not at ease, it is not in homeostasis. Homeostasis means that your body is in balance, and harmonious. There is plenty of energy and a total lack of pain and suffering. To maintain homeostasis takes no effort, merely living and eating correctly. To regain homeostasis takes time and directed effort.

The red pill will open your mind to what is going on around you. You will be able to see through the propaganda, indoctrination, and brainwashing that is continually bombarding you. You will see that the medical industry really is the disease industry and a monopoly which began around 1890. You may feel sorry for those that you love and care about as they worship at the feet of the gods of medicine. However, there will be little that you can do for the sheeple for they will not listen to you, but they will label you as a weird relative or friend.

In order to provide you with the necessary support that may help you walk down the narrow road of health and wellbeing is why I write these posts. I am trusting that the discussion groups will flourish so that those who have recovered their health will aid others suffering from the same dis-ease. I will introduce you to the American theory of dis-ease known as “Orthopathic” medicine. Once you study this medical theory and understand it, you will be able to laugh and scoff at all the medical quackery that is now practiced by those calling themselves MDs. Of course, not all that the MDs do is quackery. While they can test, give your disease a name (diagnosis), give you drugs (they are licensed drug pushers), and try to suppress your disease symptoms (palliation) you still get to keep your disease. This moves you over to disease management. Their methods fall way, way, short of healing and your return to health. How many people really realize this fact and are willing to take the next step to find a professional that can help lead them back to health?

May you live a long life, in great health, prosper…and help others.