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The Healthy lifestyle course is but one of the three levels that makes up the “Health Assurance” program.  The other levels are the medical/disease philosophy and the medical health coverage.  Put them all together and you have your health assured. This all relies upon your desire to be healthy and to wanting to participate in and gain better health now, and forever.


The lifestyle course is the program of instruction that I put together over 25 years ago.  I had left my position as a lab manager and had set out to be a “health minister” and started a “health ministry.’’  I have been active in that area ever since. We have been warned, or told, that “my children are destroyed by a lack of knowledge” by the Creator.  Our goal at the Coleman Health and Lifestyle Center  ( CHLC ) is to help answer that by providing education, instruction, and support to supply that “knowledge.”

Healthy living is a choice.  It is a lifestyle choice.  You can choose to be sick and diseased, or vibrant and healthy.  The problem is that there is so much mis-information, false information, and downright lies about how to live a healthy lifestyle that most people are confused and frustrated.  Temptation and wrong choices are at every turn. What I have done is to read and study everything that I could find related to nutrition and healthy living then try and put it into an easy to read format for my “students.”  Healthy living is a choice for your whole life, not just some fad or diet for weight loss.  In my case, I wanted my healthy lifestyle to be in complete agreement with the Bible as well as science. After all, Moses lived to be 120 years of age and was still a man to reckon with.  Moses, in his Lamentations, complained to God that the Hebrews were dying  at the tender young age of 70 or 80.  Moses knew the truth.  The scriptures state that man’s life is to be 120 years.  I will accept that.  Look at the ages of the patriarchs in the Bible.  They lived to be 120 to 140 years of age.  Silas, of Jerusalem, was named to be the head of the Church.  He was turned in to the Romans and sentenced to death.  One of the Roman historians marveled that it took three days of torture followed by crucifixion to kill him, since the records showed him to be 120 years of age.  How would you like to be still firm of mind and have that strength of body at 120 years of age?  One health activist that I am aware of returned home from his morning walk to take a nap.  He did not wake up from that deep sleep.  Yet, he died  peacefully at the age of 118 years and 3 months.  Not too shabby, huh?

One of the problems we have today is that we have too much wrong information.  In addition, we do not have nutrient dense food.  We are bombarded with processed, nutritionless fluff called food.  Our foods are not organic, nor are they as nutritious as they are meant to be.   We are constantly bombarded by various chemicals in our food and the –ides (pesticides, algaecides, herbicides, etc) on our foods.   We are constantly bombarded by electromagnetic radiation.  We are working constantly with little time to rest and relax or to even worship our creator.  We are not taught how to take care of this marvelous body that our creator has given us.  The result is a plague of continual sickness and disease in our lives.   Let us change that.  Let us do better.

The lifestyle program that you have access to as a member would be valued at $900 if I were teaching it with a one one-hour lesson provided each week      (you will not be asked to pay that, this is all part of the program).  I want you to learn about your nutritional and lifestyle needs and put them into use.  I do not want you to “choke” on the material by trying to read it all in one sitting. Take your time, discuss the material with other members, and set out to live a healthy Christian lifestyle.  The journey will be well worth it.  I anticipate that those of you who are successful will add 10 to 20 more healthy years to your life compared to a few pain and disease filled years.  Would 10 to 20 more healthy years of living be worth the membership fee and the effort you will need to put into it?

In addition, I hope and pray, that many of you will become “lifestyle coaches.”  Once you have learned the material and put it into use in your life, I would like to challenge you to use that information to guide and direct other new members.  Not only will this reinforce what you are doing, but it will give you a renewed purpose in life which will make your life even more enjoyable and meaningful.  You will find that having purpose and usefulness in your life is itself a “health tonic”. There is just something wonderful about being able to help other Christians by sharing your belief and knowledge.

Remember, the Lord has said that “my children (us) are destroyed by a lack of knowledge.”  Those of us with the CHLC are trying our best to correct this lack of knowledge by providing truthful, scientifically correct information that is also in total agreement with the Bible.

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