A History of Medicine – part 2 – Pain & Death

Hello again, So far we have come down to around 1700 in our study of medical history.  Let’s go back and reaffirm what is being said. Man has always been looking for an answer to why he gets sick and suffers pain and even death.  This has led other men to propose answers, answers that…

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A History of Medicine

Hello again.  Let’s call this message “a history of medicine.” If you read the scriptures you know that a man named Luke was a physician.  I do not know what he was taught nor what he did, but he was a man of medicine.  Probably every king and ruler in ancient times had a court…

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Who is Dr. C?

  Hello, please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Ray L. Coleman.    Initially, I was born in W.Va. and lived in a small coal mining town.  The law of survival required that if I could not outfight a foe then I best be able to outrun the foe.  I guess I passed that test…

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