Everyday Toxins

When fertilizing crops today, most people turn to N-P-K fertilizer. This is a man made, synthetic chemical mix. The N stands for nitrogen, the P for phosphorus, while the K stands for Potassium. The nitrogen comes from ammonia, NH3. There are plants dotting the Midwest which produce large quantities of ammonia. These plants typically produce 1,500 tons of ammonia each day. They take in natural gas (methane) and convert the methane, CH4, into carbon dioxide and hydrogen. This mix is mixed with air to add nitrogen to the equation. The carbon dioxide is expelled from the mixture and the final gas has the composition of one N to three H. A final reaction combines the nitrogen with the hydrogen to form ammonia, NH3. The phosphorous comes from mines, and many are in Florida. The process produces phosphorous and also a toxic waste stream which is causing problems. One of the problems is that this waste is radioactive. Take tobacco as an example. The fertilizer contains radioactive Strontium, Sr. The tobacco plant will absorb the strontium and deposit it in the leaves. This is why smokers set off the alarms in the airports, and may be another reason smoking contributes to lung cancer. Another reason why tobacco contributes to lung cancer is that the manufacturers can choose from 500 additives to add to the tobacco. One of these additives is sugar, plain ole table sugar. The chemical process of smoking is termed pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is heating a substance to a high temperature without a flame occurring. This process decomposes the sugar which can then form compounds called oxygen heterocycles. These compounds tend to be some of the most cancer producing chemicals known. This may be why American cigarettes are about twice as cancer producing as European cigarettes. The Europeans do not add sugar to their tobacco products. The potassium is potash, potassium nitrate, and other than adding to the explosive nature of fertilizer, I am not aware of any other negative aspects. Problems like this are why organic farmers shy away from N-P-K fertilizers and prefer natural fertilizers like compost.
The next topic has to be the use of pesticides. We use fertilizer to greatly improve our crop yields without really doing anything to improve the soil. We then use pesticides to protect the sickly plants that cannot protect themselves from plant eating insects. The majority of these poisons are organic compounds. They can kill by a variety of means. One of the worst ways are nerve agents that kill on contact, similar to chemical warfare agents. Since rain can wash the pesticides off, we use adjuvants which help make the agents stick and remain on the produce longer. This is why we must carefully wash our produce to remove whatever pesticides have been used on them. We use a mild, biodegradable soap for this purpose. This procedure removes the adjuvant as well as the pesticide. Chemical analysis indicates that grapes may be the biggest carrier of pesticides so wash them very well before eating them. A second type of insecticide is the inorganic type. Let’s consider cryolite. This is a very poisonous ore mined from the earth that is water soluble and cheap. The chemical formula is Na3AlF6, a sodium-alumino-flouride. I want to present this to you due to its prevalence in our society and its high toxicity. I have read reports where this chemical has been used on fruit trees to the point that the soil is saturated with the poison and the resulting fruit juices are close to containing toxic levels of fluoride. Bummer. This ore is an essential part of the Hall electrolytic process for making aluminum from bauxite.

However, this process produces tons of poisonous NaF, sodium fluoride. Yep, the same stuff that is in your drinking water and toothpaste. So what to do? I know, let’s generate a health study that claims fluoride is good for teeth. If we can get the gullible public to believe it prevents cavities in children’s teeth, we will be able to get the loving parents to force the kids to brush their teeth with it, we can buy off the politicians and government officials, and also get the dentists on board as well with more money for research and grants. We could even give local governments money to cover the extra corrosion to their water pipes. Did it work? Have they been successful? Yep. America has been flim-flamed and conned once again. Nearly everyone with teeth brushes with ant and roach poison twice a day. Many are forced to drink it. I cringe when I read the label on water for baby formula with “NaF”, or fluoride, added on the label.
The bottom line is that fluoride barely has a positive effect on our teeth. We used the stuff in war time to make the water a medicine. It has an effect on the human brain whereby we become more docile, easier to control, and less intelligent. Flouride has a really negative effect on our thyroid, our bones, and is a known cancer causing agent. Really nice of the authorities isn’t it? There is only one evil force capable of deceiving mankind to this extent. Are you aware of that force, that spirit?

GMOs will end this post. Corporations are busy adulterating our food for evil gain. The government and especially the FDA are working hand in hand with these evil schemes. Look at BT corn. This is a type of field corn. Scientists have taken a gene from a bacteria and put it into the corn DNA. This gene allows every cell of corn to produce its own insecticide. You can’t wash it off, you can’t be told what products it is in ( the FDA argues that you might be confused and not buy the corn or products made from it), and any health studies are not allowed. Who knows what kind of new dis-eases are waiting for us. This makes Sleeping Beauty and her poisoned apple look mild. Follow this link for more information: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rat+studies+bt+corn .  I hope that I have not given you too much information here. The amount of lies and deceit can be a lot for the fluoride addled mind.

I will leave you with this: May you live long, in great health, and prosper. Dr. C

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