Who is Dr. C?

image1076  Hello, please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Ray L. Coleman.   

Initially, I was born in W.Va. and lived in a small coal mining town.  The law of survival required that if I could not outfight a foe then I best be able to outrun the foe.  I guess I passed that test since I survived to move to Ohio where we sat down on my grandfather’s farm.  We located ourselves in a two room fox hunters shack with tar paper siding, and yes, there was no privy.  We carried our drinking water from the well about one mile away.  The roof water tasted too bad to drink,  but we did use it to wash clothes.

Well, this country bumpkin was blessed with a good mind.  All A’s in school and listed among the top 20 students in all of Ohio in high school.  I then went on to complete a BS, a Masters, and a PhD program in Chemistry.  My dissertation research was on azo dyes that might cause liver cancer.  It seemed that in the production of margarine from soy oil you got a solid plastic material that needed to be colored and flavored to look and taste like butter.  The azo dye chosen was called “butter yellow”.  The housewife would buy the white paste and then add the dye to color the product.  Unfortunately, a Japanese researcher found out that it caused liver cancer in rats so another dye had to be used.  

I then went into industrial chemistry where low and behold, I was hydrogenating soy and fish oils for human consumption.  Problem is, this process introduces trans isomers into the oil.  The body cannot process or digest trans isomers, and as most of you know, the government is now trying to remove this type of oil from our foodstuffs, or at least limit our exposure to them.

Following my years doing industrial research, I said an earnest prayer.  I said something to the effect “Lord, what is the health and disease truth?”  The answer that I had to learn radically changed my life.  Let me repeat that.  “Lord, what is the health and disease truth?”  The Creator makes all things possible, but we have to make them happen here on this earth.  What I had to do was enroll in another program teaching nutrition and alternative medicine.  I did complete their PhD  program. Based upon what I had learned and how much it had benefited me and my health, I resigned by position as a lab manager and started out as a “Health Minister.”  Yep, I quit my job and started a health ministry.  Boy, was I in for a shock.  I thought the Church and the members would cheer for me, support me, and we could all live a healthier Christian life.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  After years of toil and struggle, being ignored, rejected, rumored about, and called names, I finally quit in frustration and disappointment.  Yet, in my heart I still wanted to get the office of “health minister” into the mind of the Christian leaders the same as we have Senior minister, youth minister, etc.  Why not have a health minister to see to the needs of each and every congregation member?  Why condemn Christians to go to doctors who only know and study disease, doctors who know no nutrition, and nothing about healing, just curing symptoms.

Let me end on that note and see if I can pick it up again to explain all that a health minister could and would do.

See ya’ll later.