ALLOPATHY. The allopathic medical schools confer the degree of Medical Doctor, M.D. To be absolutely precise, the practitioners of this medical theory should advertise as a D.A., for doctor of allopathic medicine. Also called "western medicine", "orthodox medicine", and the "medical theory of the Americans."

Allopathy stands for "treatment of disease by the principle of opposites." If you have diarrhea, the allopath can give you drugs to constipate you. If you are constipated, the allopath can give you drugs to induce diarrhea.

HISTORY: The allopathic medical theory began in 1520 with a physician of the day named Count Von-Hoenblum. The Count thought that the body could be "purified" by chemicals the same as metals are refined, or purified, from their ores. To prove his point, he began to give mercury to his patients. The German word for mercury is "quack salber" or quick silver, Thus, as the precedence for administering mercury to patients by the allopaths spread, any doctor giving mercury came to be known as a "quack." The allopaths are the true quacks and still are today, because they still administer mercury and mercurials to their patients.

The procedure of "bleeding" a patient also became part of allopathic medicine. The bleeding lancet was a part of the doctor's black bag.
The American Medical Association was formulated by the advocates of this medical theory in the 1800's.
The allopathic medical theory accepted the "germ theory" of disease as proposed by Pasteur in 1860.
The allopathic medical theory came to real prominence in the United States around 1910. The monopolists of the day were looking for a way to monopolize the medical field. Based upon the famous "Flexner Report" allopathic medicine was selected as the basis for the construction of a medical monopoly. Today, allopathic medicine is the dominant medical theory of the United States, fully protected by both State and Federal laws. The title of M.D. now stands as much for mega-buck doctor, and millionaire doctor as it does for medical doctor. The M.D. has great legal and financial power to back and protect his medical beliefs.
GENERAL CONCEPTS: The allopathic medical theory has many general beliefs to guide its practitioners.

"Cures". The allopath believes in cures. If the allopath can administer a drug which will mask the symptoms of disease, he believes that he has "cured" you of disease.

"Drugs." Also medicines, poisons. The medicines administered to the sick are all poisons and have an LD50 (lethal dose to kill 50% of test animals) associated with them. This constitutes the belief that a doctor can "poison the sick into getting well." The AMA admits that up to 150,000 Americans die yearly not from their diseases, but from their medicines. Other adversaries claim that this number is at least 300,000 deaths yearly from administered drugs.

"Exogenous causes." The allopath believes that disease is primarily caused by an outside agent. Medical research is dedicated to locating, discovering, naming, and finding these outside agents, and developing poisons to eradicate them.

"Germ Theory of Disease." This is the hallmark of the modern day allopath. He believes that outside agents named germs, viruses, and the newly named retro-virus are the major causes of all disease. Unless an outside agent can be found and named, the allopath does not know the cause of hardly any diseases. The germ theory of disease as applied to bacteria was first proposed in 1760. It was not until 1860 and Pasteur's work that this became a part of medical theory. With the invention of the electron microscope in 1930, viruses were proposed as infective, outside agents for disease causation. Today, this general theory has been expanded to include the concept of a retro-virus, the proposed causative agent for AIDS and other diseases.

"Vaccination/immunization." In an attempt to protect the human from these proposed outside agents, the allopath has developed the theory of immunization. The allopath believes that by injecting the purified pus from diseased animals and rotten eggs into the human body that the human body can be protected from future attack from certain outside agents.

"Disease Specialist." The M.D. is a disease specialist. He has been taught symptomology, the outward signs of disease, and pathology, the science of the study of diseased tissue. This is the essence of allopathic training.

THE PRACTICE OF ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE. An ill person can no longer tolerate his pain or discomfort. He goes to the allopath. The allopath will gather his symptoms, have tests run, and proceed to name the disease. This becomes the ill person's official diagnosis, and only an M.D. or a D.O. can do it. The M.D. will offer to palliate the patient's symptoms, sometimes even insisting upon it by force of law. Palliation means to suppress. The allopath will administer drugs (poisons) in an effort to suppress the patients symptoms while the body hopefully can heal itself. The allopath will not treat the disease. The allopath will palliate the symptoms and hope that the body can heal itself of the disease. The palliations offered will be of three basic types: cutting, burning, or poisoning. Cutting is surgery, burning is cauterization and radiation, and poisoning is the giving of drugs. All of this is done to suppress, or palliate, the symptoms of the disease. The administration of the drugs may induce another type of disease, the iatrogenic disease. An iatrogenic disease is a drug, or doctor, induced disorder or disease.
SUMMARY. The human body can heal itself and "recover" from acute diseases unless the doctor interferes too greatly. All theories of medicine appear to work with this type of disease because the the human body can heal itself. The value, or truthfulness, of any medical theory should be based on chronic diseases. A false theory of medicine will absolutely fail when faced with this type of disease. So it is with allopathic medicine. When faced with coronary diseases, lupus, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes, the allopathic medical theory fails utterly.


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