HEIGHT LOSS. Considered to be a normal consequence of aging. This data has been correlated and numerous graphs are available to predict the amount of height loss with age and sex considered to be "normal."

Allopathy. Loss of height with age is considered normal. The event is monitored and recorded to generate the height-age curves considered normal.
Orthopathy. The loss of height with age is considered an abnormal body process, related to malnutrition, and specifically a deficiency of sufficient alkaline mineral matter in the diet. The loss of height is restricted to the spine and not the long bones of the legs. The loss of height is correlated with the disorders of the spine. As the spinal column is de-mineralized and the spine begins to collapse, all the problems related to the spine begin to surface: curvature of the spine, lower back pain, ruptured discs, sciatica, kyphosis, etc.

The spine and the bones of the body are densified and strengthened up until the age of 25 during the "anabolic" phase of life. Thereafter, the "catabolic" phase of life begins. The bones and spine represent the "mineral bank" of the body. The body's pH must be maintained at 7.400 plus or minus 0.050. In order to maintain this pH, if the diet is deficient in sufficient alkaline mineral matter, the minerals will be extracted from the bones and spine. As this destructive process continues, the spine begins to de-mineralize, and collapse.
The answer is as simple as it is logical. Engage in correct human nutrition, correct the malnutrition, and restore the mineral balance to the body. The bones and the spine will re-mineralize and restore themselves.


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