Medical Monopoly

Young Male Doctor Wearing Protective Headgear and Face Mask --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

— Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Hello again,

We have come down in the history of medicine to around the 1800’s.  Not much change has happened over the last 200 years as far as the practice of medicine is concerned.  Yes, we have made material advances on many fronts, but there are still only four types of medical beliefs around.  Yes, we have discovered antibiotics and anesthesia.  We have developed a knowledge of nutrition that includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many micronutrients.  We have developed surgery to a high art whereby the medicine man can cut you apart and sew in a different heart, a different liver, artificial  joints, and someone else’s eye.  But I ask you, do we have the heath and disease truth or are we being deluded like a country bumpkin at the county fair?

The current “king of the hill” medical theory is termed “allopathic” medicine, the concept of disease that uses the “law of the opposite” to treat its believers.  Let’s look at the reality of this medical practice.  

America is the most overweight country on the planet.  We have the most doctors and the highest medical costs in the world.  Yet why are we are the sickest nation in the world?  As an example, over 30,000 babies under the age of one die in this country every year.  Why?  We have the highest autism and neurological disorder rate in the world.  Why?  The medical literature states that nearly 1,000 Americans die every day from their medical treatments, not their diseases.  Why?  Americans have the most expensive health care in the world.  Why?

You may not like it or believe it, but one reason is that allopathic medicine, the medicine practiced in the USA,   is a monopoly.  Oooh, shocker, tell me it’s not so you might say.  Nope it is true. The theory of medicine we are using was chosen based upon a business decision not the scientific or medical truth. Going back to the late 1800’s  the USA was in the big money phase of industrialists.  Men like Vanderbilt, Morgan the banker, Carnegie the steel baron, and Rockefeller the oil giant were very successful.

We have visited the Vanderbilt home in Ashville, NC several times.  It is amazing that one man could amass such a fortune.  He built a railroad to build Ashville.  He built Ashville to house the workers to build his home and estate.  He even built the first electric plant to provide electricity for his home which Edison wired for him.

These men knew what they were doing.  In every instance they studied and researched the concept from top to bottom.  Then they acted with complete commitment.  

The formation of the medical monopoly by Carnegie and Rockefeller was no different.  They hired the Flexner brothers to tour the country and write a report, the famous “Flexner report”.  Based upon that report they chose allopathic medicine as the basis for their monopoly effort.  Medicine and the USA at that time had a high degree of freedom, including freedom in medicine and so it was ripe for a monopoly.  They chose 60 medical schools that agreed to teach allopathic medicine and gave them a $10 million dollar grant each.  A hefty sum in those days.  They promised the poor docs (they weren’t doing too well back then) a retirement income. They then went to the State legislatures and had laws put in place that to practice medicine the doc had to have graduated from an “accredited” medical school.  Of course, only the monopoly med schools were “accredited”.  The Flexner brothers and one other person by the name of “Gates” were put on the board of every accredited medical school. Their role was to see to the curriculum and the student’s development. In addition, each applicant had to undergo a psychological exam to make sure he (women and minorities not allowed) was of the correct temperament (meaning he would follow all the rules without question and be able to be brainwashsed).

Now you know why we have all these laws.  Now you know why med school is so expensive and so limited.  The monopoly wants it so.

I could say a lot more, but I hope you are aware of the “truth” for which I stand.  As a Christian I will not lie, cheat, nor steal and I will stand for the truth.

You might want to read Eustace Mullin’s book, Murder by Injection.  It is a free, online book.  The monopoly is discussed in Chapter one.

May you live in health and prosper,