When we are ill and feeling out of sorts we can choose to go to a doctor.  Unless you are known by a doctor you will need to go to an ER and wait for up to 10 hours, or go to an immediate care center and wait for only 3 hrs.  Nothing like being sick and having to sit in a waiting room with other ill humans sneezing, hacking, and coughing all around you.  Such is the way medical care is provided in the USA.

What doctor will you see?  Unknown.  What training does the doc have?  Unknown.  Does the doc speak your language?  Maybe.

Speaking of training, what medical model will your doctor follow?  Let us add an extension to MD to clarify the doc’s training and what they will do.

First, there is the MD-AP.  This stands for Medical doctor-allopathic practitioner.  This is the uno numero medical degree in the US.  This person will have had 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 2 years of medical internship, and maybe more years as a medical resident somewhere.  His main tools will be his prescription pad and a pen to write with.  These tools represent the keys to his fortune.  He will practice the philosophy of “cut, burn and poison” in an effort to treat your symptoms.  You always get to keep your disease.  Cutting is surgery, burning is radiation, and poison are the medicines to be prescribed.  The mantra of the surgeon is “if it hurts, cut it out”.  Beware of “if at first you don’t succeed, cut wider and deeper.”  Radiation is more of the same.  All medicines are poisons so the good doctor is trying to “poison the sick into getting well”. In the use of antibiotics, this sometimes works.  Yet over 1,000 Americans die daily from their doctor’s actions.

Secondly, you have the MD-DOs.  This stands for Medical Doctor-Doctor of Osteopathy.  The MDAPs tried for years to destroy the Osteopaths, but they are here permanently now.  Most DOs no longer practice true Osteopathy. They have been morphed into Allopathy, and use the prescription pad like the Allopath.

You can be seen by an MD-ND.     This is Medical Doctor-Naturopathic Doctor.  The Naturopaths use a gentler type of medical approach and rely upon herbs and other modalities.  The MDAPs have succeeded in limiting the states the Naturopath can practice to about 15.  Florida, the meca for retired sick people, no longer allows the NDs to practice there.  The monopoly wants all that disease for their profits.

You might stumble across an MD-OD or an MD-AY.  The OD stands foe Oriental medicine while AY Stands for Ayurvedic medicine. The OD would use acupuncture or herbs to balance your Yin and Yang and is similar to AY, the medicine of India.

The last identifier is the MD-OP.  Medical doctor, Orthopathic Practitioner.  This is an American theory of medicine.  A drugless theory of medicine which concentrated on the removal of the cause for your dis-ease while not adding to your pain and misery.  This happens to be the medical model that I champion.  They practiced healing and not cures.

May you live long, in great health, and prosper

Dr C