More on the practice of medicine.

Let me make a quick correction to my previous post about the training of doctors.  A MD practicing Oriental medicine would have the extension of OM and not OD.  That person would be a MD practicing Oriental Medicine, thus the initials of MD-OM fits better for medical doctor practicing oriental medicine.

          I hope all of you realized that none of these utilize nutrition in their practice.  Nutrition is an unknown and not taught to the MD-APs.  The MD-APs are disease specialists working within the disease industry.  They are licensed to prescribe certain toxic chemicals which are thought to have the ability to force the body into modifying disease symptoms, which would then be termed a “cure”.   Technically, this is termed “palliation” for the suppression of symptoms, and the doctor is offering “palliative care”.   The doctor then begins the effort of “disease management” for you since you get to keep your disease. The pharmaceutical industry, “Big Pharma”, is dedicated to identifying diseases for which “new, cutting edge” chemicals can be developed for the MD-AP to prescribe.  This is all done in great secrecy and at a great cost but can generate huge profits.   The three  ( 3 ) trillion dollar disease industry is proof of the success of this business model. Your monthly medical insurance costs combined with your deductible expense is another proof of the success of the disease industry.  You pay even when you are well.  That’s enough to make you sick as well, isn’t it?

          Another misnomer used for the public, the “raw material” for the disease industry, is the term “health insurance” which in reality is “disease insurance”. Just like “fire insurance” on your property only pays off if you have a fire, your health insurance only pays off if you are diseased and sick.

           The yearly medical exam, proclaimed to be a “preventative” service, in use amounts to a screening tool to determine if you are a candidate to be moved over to the rolls of “sick enough” to begin drugging.  Your return to health by a true healing art is NOT an option with allopathic medicine.  Simply put, there is no profit in it.

          Obviously, if I did not have something better to offer you, I might be clamoring for medical reform,  yet, I do not.  It would be a lost cause.  The disease industry, the medical monopoly, is just too strong, too well entrenched in government and law to reform, and it would still be allopathic medicine. You will find that adult humans believe in the doc and his medicines as much as a 5 year believes in Santa Claus.

          What we need to do is what Dr. Benjamin Rush argued for in our constitution.  He wanted medical freedom and medical freedom would be the norm.  The founders did not include medical freedom and we now have the allopathic medical monopoly.  Perhaps we can correct their oversight.

May all of you live a long, healthy, prosperous life…and share it with others.

Dr C