We are now in the midst of the worst flu epidemic reported in many years. Is our vaunted modern medicine that inept? What is going on?

First, you need to realize that you are dealing with the allopathic medical mind set. The allopath is always looking for a “causative agent”. What entity has invaded your space and has made you ill? Initially they used spirits and demons. When Pasteur proposed bacteria as a causative agent, they invented the “germ” theory of disease. This theory could explain why gangrene and tetanus were bacterial related and fatal. Yet, the bacteria did not cause the wound. The bacteria showed up due to the wound and unsanitary conditions. Additionally, bacteria as a cause of disease was a failure. Scientifically, bacteria could not be proven to be causative agents. Undaunted in their belief, with the invention of the electron microscope, the allopaths added the virus as a causative agent. They even came up with vaccines to use as a preventative. You could say that a virus is an “excuse”. It is an excuse for the allopath (MD-AP) that you are sick, and the doc has no bacteria to blame your illness upon.

The CDC reports that the flu vaccine was manufactured wrong and that the flu has “mutated ” so that the vaccine is worthless. However, they recommend that you get it anyway because it might help in some unknown and unproven way. Good grief Charlie Brown. The CDC will also tell you that all the flu vaccine can do, even if it worked, would be to shorten the time you are ill by a day or two, and lessen the severity of the flu. Really??? Why then promote this to the general public and even require an injection of it to medical workers if they want to work?

I think we need to examine what is going on. Are we being duped and conned?

First of all the medicos talk of “live” and “dead” viruses. What is the difference since they are both ordinary chemicals, neither alive nor dead. Well, if you put some of the material in a culture of living cells, if the living cells uptake the viral material and reproduce it, the virus is “live”. If the living cells do nothing, the virus is deemed “dead”. You need to realize that all this is taking place in a laboratory with syringes, microscopes, and other laboratory instruments and equipment. None of this can, or does, happen in the real world, the world that you and I live in.

Chemically, what is a virus or viral particle? It is a very tiny organic particle. Originally, scientists talked of “filterable” and “non-filterable” material in pathology samples. The filterable material was bacteria. The non-filterable material came to be known as “viral particles”. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the electron microscope was invented and these non-filterable particles could be seen.

Chemically, they are fragments of genetic material termed DNA or RNA. Are they a whole, or intact gene or chromosome? No, they are a fragment, a part of a former genetic material. Some claim that they are encased in a protein coating. Fine, so what?

The real question is: can these chemicals come back to life, a life they never had, invade the human body, enter a living cell, wreak havoc with our health, and then somehow, miraculously, be eliminated from our bodies, and our health be restored? In the words of Bugs Bunny, “Ehh, I don’t think so Doc”.

Think for a moment. How many of these viral particles does it take to successfully defeat our immune system and make us ill? The Docs don’t know. Does it take one, 101, 1 million, 1 billion and one? And if they do succeed, why don’t we die rather than recover just as we would with bacteria and the gangrene they can produce? It is kinda like believing in Santa Claus isn’t it? Any five year old knows that Santa is real because all the other kids believe, there are presents under the tree each year, and your mommy told you so. These are the kind of facts behind our belief in the “germ theory” of disease and contagion. Sickness exists, everyone is looking for relief, and the doctors have told you it is a virus. The medical authorities add to the belief by claiming thousands are ill, and thousands are dying of the flu. Uhh, scary, scary stuff.

What about those of us who know Orthopathic medicine? We do not get colds or the flu. I haven’t had the flu for over 30 years. We know the cause and should we experience flu symptoms we know what to do to recover rapidly and not worry about transmitting it or dying. I guess you could say that I swallowed the red matrix pill.

In all this, you need to ask yourself that if someone dies of the flu, what was the status of their current health? What treatments were offered and given? Did they really die from the flu or from the treatment for the flu? Around 3,000 children die each year from their loving parents medicating them with cold and flu drugs. Fortunately, they are not charged with child abuse or manslaughter. The doctors have routinely killed their patients by the thousands over the years and profited from it, but never admitted what they did, and the docs have legal protection to do so. The current flu epidemic is no different.

During the great flu epidemic if 1917/1918 it is claimed that millions died from that flu, called “Spanish influenza.” Among the many hidden facts concerning that outbreak, consider that one Orthopathic clinic treated some 10,000 patients with only four deaths. One practitioner was given an award after he treated 1,000 patients with no dearhs.

Remember, all epidemics start in Atlanta, Georgia. Why? Because that is where the office of the CDC is located.

May you live in health, live long, prosper, and spread the truth.