The Principle of God2

When I think of all that I have been taught and learned about human health and

dis-ease, I am confronted with the problem of how do I explain what has been

revealed to me in a simple straightforward format to someone who wishes to learn?

One of the ways that this can be explained is the “principle of GOD2”.

Now, being a chemist and a scientist I am very familiar with equations and

symbols like H for hydrogen. So, lemme give you a health equation that may

summarize what we are talking about.

G + O + D + D = R + H

The “G” stands for good nutrition, great nutrition, or even Godly nutrition.

What you may wish to use will depend upon your knowledge, attitude, and

understanding. For me, all three apply.

First, name me one creature on the face of the earth that cooks its food

before eating it except for man? We are therefore speaking of fresh, raw,

uncooked food. Every other creature eats their food as they find or capture it.

Now, I am concerned about cooked, processed, irradiated, fortified, genetically

modified food, but not so much that I don’t eat some of it. As Genesis 1:29 states

from the NIV “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth

and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

When you eat an apple you should have only the woody stem left after

eating it. You need to eat the peel, the pulp, the core, and especially the seeds.

Why? Because there are a lot of nutrients in the whole apple. The seeds contain

vital nutrients, antioxidants, and CANCER fighting chemicals. The Lord did not

specify seed bearing plants and trees by mistake. There was a reason, or maybe

many reasons.

You want to eat food that you can enjoy without poisoning yourself, or food

that does not provide all the needed nutrients that you require to live in health just

because it is quick and easy.

“O” stands for oxygen. We are air breathers. We must have the oxygen in

the air to fuel our internal combustion engine. We breathe in oxygen, combine it

with the sugar glucose and produce carbon dioxide, water and chemical energy. A

lack of oxygen will suffocate us, and even kill us. A shortage of oxygen can force

the cells of our tissues to become CANCEROUS. If you are fighting a diagnosis

of cancer, oxygen is essential for your success. One chemotherapy treatment is

bariatric oxygen whereby the patient is placed into a chamber with elevated

oxygen levels to force more oxygen into the tissues. It works, but only


The first “D” stands for “drainage” or “elimination.” All the crud of life

must be eliminated from the body or else it can, and must, be stored somewhere,

somehow. The drainage is accomplished by the blood and by the lymph. Humans

do not spend enough time and energy attending to their internal cleanliness.

The second “D” stands for “detoxification.” If your body becomes highly

polluted by uneliminated crud, sickness and dis-ease follows. Consider a sponge

that has been soaked in water. You can pick it up and squeeze out a lot of water.

The tissues of the body are the same. It is surprising how much pus and poison

and be stored in the body, and for that body to still be alive and moving.

Detoxification is then a concerted effort to eliminate some, or all, of the

“crud of life.” In doing this, removal via the blood will make you feel ill. It may

give you a headache. You may even have flashbacks to previous diseases and the

medicines you took. Removal via the lymph requires you to “activate” and

“pump” the lymph. All this in addition to providing your body with all the time

and energy that it may require. Detoxification may require the assistance of a

knowledgeable consultant.

Properly done, you get “R”. The body will “Rejuvenate”, and the body will

“Restore” itself, and you then get the “H”. “H” stands for healing and health.

The Orthopathic laws of life number “6” and “14” will come into play

So, do you just want cures or do you want healing?